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About Us:
Expata Tool Company is a professional supplier and wholesaler of various types of solid carbide cutting tools,precision end mills(such as 2or 4 flutes ball end mills,corner radius end mills,end mills for aluminum and aluminum alloy),drill bits(such as End mill shank solid carbide high speed drills or solid carbide stub drills) for CNC machinery processing and other related cutting systems. 
End Mills Expert!!
We are not only to sell the products, but also to expand the market and seek the opportunity to cooperate with you or become a business partner in your market. It is trusted that our price is reasonable in the market and the quality is certainly guaranteed.   

We specialize in selling many kind of high speed and high hardness of solid carbide cutting tools, precision end mills, thread taps; high precision manufacture mold tools, reamers and related cutting systems.        
Our company's principle is “Honest, Interactive”.
“Time is money” , “Cost down” its matter which everybody cares about. “It is necessary to have effective tools to do a good job”.  Cost down means to reduce process period. To reduce the cost is possible to create more profits. Process optimization is cost down. In order to accordance to the market development , industrial structure changed and meet customers demand, provide sales and technology support for after-service and will be expand the scope of sales in the future. We'll develop continuously and make unceasing progress to serve our customers.               
If you have any inquire or requirements for cutting tools, please contact us any time. We provide innovative products of the excellent value, highest quality and satisfactory service to our customers.  We are offering you the best of cutting tools, we could produce specific cutting tools according to your drawings with detailed specifications. Besides the standard product series, special sizes are available according to customer's requirements.  Moreover, we are looking for a distributor to promote, marketing and distribution of our products in your country. The Min. order is EXW USD1,000 for every shipment.

Meanwhile, we are looking for cutting tools suppliers, we hope that we have opportunity to cooperate with you becoming your distributor in Taiwan to promote and sell your high-performance and excellent quality cutting tools. 
elcome to contact us. 
If you are interested in our products, please feel free to leave your message. 



|Solid Carbide Endmills | End mills | Schaftfraser |   Fraises | Frese|






公司於 2009 年成立,是一個專業的鎢鋼刀具供應商和國際優質外銷品牌ECIO之總代理,整體硬質合金切削工具如鎢鋼立銑刀、鎢鋼球刀、鎢鋼圓鼻刀、鎢鋼成型刀、鎢鋼鑽頭,鎢鋼鉸刀、鎢鋼絲攻、微小徑鎢鋼銑刀…等各式鎢鋼刀具,皆接受訂製。運用於廣泛之金屬切削,如碳鋼、鑄鐵、不袗、合金鋼、鋁合金、難切削材、高速高硬度加工…等加工。我們的鎢鋼銑刀採用德國進口鎢鋼圓棒和最新最先進的刀具塗層技術。

Time is money.』、『cost down』是大家所關心的,『工欲善其事,必先利其器』,減少加工時間就是降低成本,降低成本就可以創造利潤,為了因應市場發展、產業結構的變遷及滿足客戶的需求,竭力服務客戶,提供銷售及技術支援的售後服務,亦將於未來陸續擴大銷售範圍,為客戶提供最齊全、最豐富的商品,需要鎢鋼銑刀關鍵字請搜尋“IJAUI“。






 Solid Carbide Endmills | End mills | Schaftfraser |  Fraises | Frese |



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